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What is a Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia?


When a person is required to go to hospital for a procedure, a surgeon will perform the procedure whilst an anaesthetist keeps them asleep and pain free.  Both the surgeon and the anaesthetist are doctors who have undergone further training giving them the skills required to perform their role. 


Each doctor is focussed on his or her separate role. Routinely in veterinary practice when you take your animal in for an operation or procedure, the veterinarian will act as the surgeon whilst also taking responsibility for the anaesthetic, which will often be monitored by a nurse.  For routine or low risk cases this system works very well.  However in higher risk cases, or when there is a complication, having an anaesthetic managed by a veterinarian with specialist training in anaesthesia allows each veterinarian to focus on their separate role;  working together to provide the best outcome for your pet.


All anaesthetists at Veterinary Anaesthesia Specialists are veterinarians who following their 5 years of veterinary training have undergone a further 3 years of intensive anaesthesia training to gain in-depth knowledge as well as a huge amount of experience in anaesthesia and analgesia of all species.  In order to qualify as specialists in their field they have undergone a rigorous examination process.  And in order to maintain the title, they keep up to date with the latest advances in the field of veterinary anaesthesia and pain management.


An anaesthetist’s focus is the health and comfort of your pet before, during and after anaesthesia.  Our job is to ensure your pet’s anaesthetic runs as smoothly as possible allowing your surgeon to work effectively and efficiently with the knowledge that the anaesthetic is in safe hands.


If you would like a specialist veterinary anaesthetist to anaesthetise your pet, please direct your vet to our website or contact page.  

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We provide specialist anaesthetic care and pain management to support your vet to achieve the best possible outcome for your pet.

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