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Have you ever had a routine procedure that you were reluctant to perform due to the risk of the anaesthetic? We offer the following:

for veterinarians



We are happy to take cases from both general and specialist practices.  We are Melbourne based however will travel as required.  


Where possible please contact us well in advance with all information regarding patient history, procedure to be performed and results of any blood work or other tests that have been performed.  This will allow time if further stabilsation or tests are required.

Students Taking Note

team training

In house team training is available for both veterinarians and nurses.  We tailor your training so that everyone in your practice can attend and hear the same information. Thus making it easier to implement and more practical.


practice review

A practice review involves an in-house assessment of your current anaesthetic equipment, protocols and techniques;  as well as your current caseload and requirements.  We also ask for all veterinarians and nurses to raise any questions or concerns they have in regards to anaesthetia, pain management or critical care.  


Following this a face to face tutorial for all staff involved will cover any questions that were raised. A written report will be provided outlining any areas where improvement could be made.

our services

We provide specialist anaesthetic care and pain management for all pets at your local clinic or referral hospital. In-house anaesthetic management, anaesthetic protocols for more challenging cases as well as phone support and troubleshooting.


We also offer tailored in-house training for vets and nurses in all aspects of veterinary anaesthesia, monitoring and pain management.  This training can be in-house or online.  


We provide anaesthetic case management for both referral and non referral veterinary practices; for higher risk anaesthetics and complex procedures where additional experience and expertise are required.  We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of different animals.


Phone consultation is provided for troubleshooting and upcoming cases that are expected to be challenging.  A written report will be provided for all phone consultations.

education + training

We provide a range of in-house tutorials and hands-on training programs for veterinarians, nurses and technicians. Training is tailored to fit your practice requirements.

welfare +

We have a strong background in research and animal welfare and are happy to provide consultancy on improved practices in all aspects of veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia.

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